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HP BizLink Displayport V1.2 Cable 1.8m

HP BizLink Displayport V1.2 Kablo 1.8m
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BizLink is the world's largest manufacturer of Display Port dongles for PC with a comprehensive product line for all your DP connectivity needs.

Equipped with patent-pending technologies, your DP v1.2 cable carries 21.6 Gpbs of bandwidth for HD 4k x 2k display.

The DP multi-stream transport (MST) splitter hub and basket are our new products that splash out what you see on your laptop to four monitors.

It's an invaluable tool for multitasking or just for fun.


DisplayPort v1.2 provides 5.4Gbps/lane link speed for 2160Mbytes/sec bandwidth

Increased bandwidth supports 4k x 2k display at 30 bits per pixel over a single cable

3D stereo support with 1080p 120Hz per eye